Let’s Talk Qwerti…

We’ll be honest – up until 5 minutes ago, we thought QWERTI was a keyboard.

One Google search, a failed attempt to get our boss to explain what was in the presentation she sent a week ago and a very long-winded product manager later, and we think we’ve got it figured out.

Have you ever tapped on the door of the IT department and watched them all jump and turn in unison? There’s almost always a sigh, an air of frustration and those looks between them which you just know are an inside joke about you. It doesn’t help that the solution to 99% of the problems you face involve turning your PC on and off, or that the problem you’ve had for the last week suddenly goes away when you take it in. Factor in long wait times (we sent a laptop in for repairs in January and, come November, we’re still waiting for parts), that awkward moment where you watch them fiddle with your PC while hoping you deleted your search history or the general feeling of “don’t tap on glass, IT guys working”, and the overall IT experience can be intimidating or frustrating.

Ever watched your laptop crash as your crucial Email was sending, or seen Word flip you the bird and shut off before you can press save? Oh, and don’t get us started on the Blue Screen of Death – IT issues wait for no-one (although it does seem like they wait for the worst possible moment) and, when they come, they often catch you off-guard and unprepared.

In fact, we’ve compiled a list of common office sayings to help you understand just how problematic IT can be:

  • This computer is full of IT!
  • Get your IT together!
  • The IT is hitting the fan!
  • Darn IT!

Notice a pattern? We certainly do. In fact, we’re pretty sure that if you removed Eskom from the equation (which, let’s face it, we’ve all thought of at some point), IT issues would be a bigger source of workplace headaches than the lady who insists on microwaving her fish.

Look, we could sit here and bash The IT crowd until Microsoft Updates finish installing, but truth be told it would be doing them a disservice. Fact is, your IT Solution team is like the modern version of a Ghostbuster – you call them whenever there’s something strange in your PC-hood, or when it doesn’t look good. The problem is that not only can the process of getting from problem to solution be frustrating, infuriating and time-consuming, but you lose valuable time (and a handful of hair) along the way.

Now, if only there were a way to simplify the concept of IT…

… oh wait, there is.

"Introducing Qwerti, which helps you get IT together."

Whether it’s glitchy software or a printer that won’t connect to your device, in the moment every tech problem seems like Armageddon. As such, you don’t need the added frustration of being shifted from pillar to post or, even worse, waiting like it’s 8am at Spaghetti Junction until your problem is addressed. Qwerti is the here, now and future of remote IT solutions – ensuring the best humans and the best technology on your side whenever you may need them.

Be it fixing that troublesome printer, facilitating a remote workspace that functions as it should, making sure server access is actually accessible or just putting the right cable in the right place, Qwerti’s remote IT Solutions offer significantly more assistance than “have you tried turning it off”.

It goes beyond just making sure your machine is working properly – the brand is rapidly redefining the concept of what remote assistance should be, and ensuring that your organisation can embrace the digital era like you’d embrace Santa Claus if he brought home a PS5. Here are some of the ways your brand can put the shhh in IT.

  • We offer monitoring, management, advisory and professional services.
  • All elements are covered – from network to security, overall IT infrastructure, Cloud and Hardware Rentals.
  • Strategy, transformation, assessments, assistance and engineering are all further available added services.

It’s a new digital world, and whereas once the most heated office problem was how cold to turn the aircon, today’s issues can prove more costly and detrimental to productivity if not addressed effectively. Unlike anywhere run by Government, most organisations don’t want their systems or devices to be offline. Make sure this never happens by proactively ensuring that your brand has the most capable, cutting-edge solutions available to save the day should the need ever arise.